Alignment API: release notes

Release numbers: major release numbers are for majors redesign that will modify the API and may lead you to change your code; minor release numbers bring bug fixes and new functionnalities but should not require change in existing code.

The corresonding releases can be obtained at:

It is undecided that we will continue to create formal releases after the trsfer to gitlab. However, we plan to document changes here.

Under development (you can contribute)

Current git master version

The git repo has been moved to and the online documentation to

Version 4.10 (2228): 2020-11-21 - Sweny's

The Alignment API compiles in Java 11 (jars are still compiled in Java 8).

Version 4.9 (2159): 2017-07-19 - Letraset

Version 4.8 (2097): 2015-11-20 - Antésine

The Alignment API is now compiled in Java 1.8 (it will not compile in 1.7: please provide feedback if you need it in 1.7).

Version 4.7 (2014): 2014-12-06 - Al pesto

The Alignment API is now compiled in Java 1.7.

Version 4.6 (1875): 2014-01-22 - Da lec'h all

Version 4.5 (1847): 2013-03-25 - Building 16

Version 4.4 (1754): 2012-07-17 - Casa Cirilo

Version 4.3 (1690): 2012-02-22 - Zimt

BEWARE: All command-line utilities are now found in the cli package instead of util.
BEWARE: The server will not work in this version; use more recent version instead.

Version 4.2 (1618): 2011-05-31 - Tring

Version 4.1 (1534): 2010-10-13 - Napjakmandu

Version 4.0 (1415): 2010-03-31 - Rouquine carmélite

The Alignment API is now compiled in Java 1.6 (older versions should still be able to run it). All imported libraries have been upgraded to their current versions. Only the upgrade from Jena 2.5 to 2.6 required a minor change (due to parameterised declarations: the API still works with 2.5 but needs 2.6 to compile).

This is still a major release, so see the (small) instructions if you need to upgrade your codebase.

Version 3.6 (988): 2009-05-27 - Sabai sabai

BEWARE: Java WordNet Library (JWNL) has been upgraded to version 1.4.1rc2 (from 1.3rc3). This is included in the lib directory. Hence, it is necessary to use WordNet-3.0 (the jwnl part will not work anymore with 2.0). If you want to stay with WordNet-2.0, you need to replace the jwnl.jar library by the older one and this will work. However, using WordNet with the Alignment API is not compulsory.

Version 3.5 (886): 2008-10-21 - La granja

Version 3.4 (815): 2008-08-31 - Barbare

Version 3.3 (710): 2008-04-24 - O sole mio

Version 3.2 (666): 2008-02-29 - Blejsko jezero

Version 3.1 (614): 2008-02-05 - Klippekort

BEWARE: For better conforming with RDF practice, we have

Other improvements include:

Version 3.0 (436): 2007-02-25 - Hyderabad

BEWARE: The main modification in this version is more independence from the OWL API which is not anymore compulsory. Consequently, the existing implementation of matching methods with Alignment API should undergo some modifications: Here is how to do (this document has been updated to help migrating directly to version 3.3 if necessary).

The Alignment API is now compiled in Java 1.5 (older versions should still be able to run it).

Version 2.5 (375): 2006-12-30 - Thalia

Version 2.4 (302): 2006-07-10 - Cercedilla noches

Version 2.3 (271): 2006-06-15 - OAEI-2006 ready

Version 2.2 (263): 2006-06-05 - Onyeari's version a.k.a. may GForge be with you

Upgraded to OWL-API 06-04-12 (1.4.3)
No problem encountered.

New version featuring:

Version 2.1: 2006-02-17 - pre GForge

New version featuring:

Version 2: 2005-10-01 - Raphael's version a.k.a. AC385 version

BEWARE: Alignment methods getAlignCell1, getAlignCell2, getAlignedObject1, getAlignedObject2, getStrength1, getStrength2, getRelation1 and getRelation2 deprecated (implementation is still provided however).

New version featuring:

Version 1.4: 2005-07-04 - OAEI 2005 facilities

New version featuring:

Version 1.3: 2005-06-15 - Ready for OAEI 2005

Upgraded to OWL-API 05-03-21 (1.4.2)
BEWARE: if you experience problems recompiling after upgrading to this version of the OWL-API, this is because it requires and additional method: owlFullConstruct(int code, String message, Object o) in the OWLRDFErrorHandler (see for the fix).

Compatible with Java 1.5

New version featuring:

Version 1.2: 2004-11-23 - ISWC suggestions and improvements

New version featuring:

Version 1.1: 2004-11-05 - Lessons from EON

New version featuring:

April 19th, 2004

New version featuring:

Version 1.0: 2004-04-04 - First complete version

This uses the 090304 (1.2.0) version of the OWL API.

New version featuring:

January 2004

Put under CVS at Sophia-Antipolis

New version featuring:

Version 0.1: 2003-12-12 - First release