Appendice: Getting started with Transmorpher

Quick install on Unix


Transmorpher is developed in JAVA 2. It thus requires a Java virtual machine to run.

Using Transmorpher always requires a SAX 2.0 XML 1.0 parser and a JAXP 1.1 XSLT 1.0 engine. These are now likely to be included in your Java distribution.

All these modules can be obtained for free. The current test configuration is given below:
SoftwareBrandVersion minVersion max testedJar
Java VMSun JDK1.31.5
XML parserApache Xerces2.1
XSLT processorApache Xalan2.4
Regular expressionsgnu.regexp1.
Servlet serverJakarta Tomcat4.

A chart of correspondence between various versions of Transmorpher is given in the next appendice.

In addition, performing regular expression substitution, generating servlet or using some contributed modules can require additional software.


The last development release is available from:

An archive containing a set of consistent version of the required software working with the current version of Transmorpher can also be downloaded from these sites.

Anonymous access to the git repository is now available from


To install Transmorpher :


The distribution tree contains:

the list of all the files in the archive
A file similar to the present appendice
the terms under which the software is licensed to you.
javadoc API documentation in HTML
empty directory for compiling the sources
directory required for compiling a release
developer documentation
contains the Transmorpher DTDs (and schemas)
contains transmo.jar
reference manual in HTML
.property files that sets default values for Transmorpher variables
examples of using Transmorpher
Ant script for testing, compiling, etc.
Java sources of Transmorpher
Junit unit test hierarchy

Running Transmorpher

For running Transmorpher on a shell toplevel (Linux, Max OS X, DOS, etc.), with jar-launchable application:

For running Transmorpher on a shell toplevel (Linux, Max OS X, DOS, etc.), explicitely:

For instance, the bibliography example can be run with:
$ cd samples
$ java -jar transmo.jar biblio/process.xml

For compiling a Java file generated by transmorpher you need the transmo.jar. If your file is a Servlet, you will need the javax.servlet packages too.

For running the compiled files, you will need the same packages as for running Transmorpher.

Bug reports

Send bug reports to

Please, take care of providing the Transmorpher release number, the brand and version of each component above, the content of your CLASSPATH variable and whatever you think relevant to the problem.

Providing a bug report as a Junit test case is a must!

Quick install on Unix

This procedure is known to work under Linux RH 6.2-7.2 and MacOS X. It works for using Xalan/Xerces (provided in Other adds-on cannot use the jar-launchable facility.

$ mkdir transmo-1-0-7
$ cd transmo-1-0-7
$ setenv TMDIR `pwd`
$ wget -nd -q
$ unzip
$ cd lib
$ wget -nd -q
$ unzip
$ java -jar transmo.jar -v
$ cd ../samples
$ java -jar ../lib/transmo.jar file:music/process.xml

The resulting files have been generated in the biblio directory and they can be read by an HTML browser. They coresponds to the example in this manual.

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