Appendice: Dependency matrix

Using Transmorpher requires several freely available software:

The current version of Transmorpher uses the following version of these software (some other configurations also works, this is not exhaustive):

SoftwareBrandVersion minVersion max testedJar
Java VMSun JDK1.31.5
XML parserApache Xerces2.1
XSLT processorApache Xalan2.4
Regular expressionsgnu.regexp1.
Servlet serverJakarta Tomcat4.

Other extensions of Transmorpher might require external software as indicated in their description.

Compatibility table for former Transmorpher versions:
10/03/20071-0-7 1.5inJavainJava1.
26/02/20041-0-6 1.3Xerces 2.1Xalan Free Software CDROM 2004
24/02/20041-0-5 1.3Xerces 2.1Xalan
14/02/20031-0-3 1.3Xerces 2.1Xalan
03/02/20031-0-2 1.3Xerces 2.1Xalan
10/12/20021-0-1 1.3Xerces 2.1Xalan
08/11/20021-0-0 1.3Xerces 2.1Xalan
18/10/20020-9-11 1.3Xerces 2.1Xalan
16/10/20020-9-10 1.3Xerces 2.1Xalan
08/07/20020-9-9 1.3Xerces 1.3Xalan
06/06/20020-9-8 1.3Xerces 1.3Xalan
20/12/20010-9-7 1.3Xerces 1.3Xalan Free Software CDROM 2002
12/12/20010-9-6 1.3Xerces 1.3Xalan
04/12/20010-9-5 1.3Xerces 1.3Xalan
21/06/20010-9-1 1.3Xerces 1.3Xalan 2.0--
13/06/20010-9-0 1.3Xerces 1.3Xalan 2.0--
22/05/200120010522 1.3Xerces 1.3Xalan 2.0--

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