Performance issues

Current status

Curently we focus our attention on the first complete implementation of the transmorpher.


We observed a degradation of the performances with each new version of Xalan. This is why we did not upgraded to newer versions. It seems that now (September 2002), this problem has been solved and we have jumped to the last versions.

The tests we made are consistent across Xalan releases.

A known path of improvement is the use of a multithreaded version of tranmospher that we had abandonned for a while. As of September 2002, multithreading seems to be perfectly working.

Towards incremental computations

The basic utilisation of this version is to produce a set of presentation files from a set of informations files. The future work on the transmorpher must focus on a dynamic version. That is to say,  the transmorpher, will be able, from a set of information file and a set of current presentation file, to compute an update set of presentation files.
To do this, two approach can be used (simultaneously or not) :

An other axe of improvement will be the implementation of more complexe basic process.
And, finally, the last improvment point will be the realisation of a graphical interface to define process.

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