Using the Alignment API with WordNet

We explain how to use the API with wordnet.

Getting, installing and configuring WordNet

This may be skipped if WordNet is already installed on the current platform.

First Wordnet must be downloaded from the WordNet website.

Then it has to be compiled. This will depend on your distribution and will not be further detailed here.


Once installed, Wordnet usually has a "dict" directory whose path is assumed here to be in $WNDIR.

A matcher using WordNet can be run by, for instance (from the Alignment API distribution root directory):

$ java -jar lib/procalign.jar -Dwndict=$WNDIR file:examples/rdf/edu.umbc.ebiquity.publication.owl file:examples/rdf/ -i fr.inrialpes.exmo.align.ling.JWNLAlignment -o examples/rdf/JWNL.rdf

Note that JWNLAlignment is only an example of matcher and nothing very elaborate. Its source can be used as inspiration. Most of its code relies on the OntoSim library.